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Which of my photographs is my favorite?
The one I am going to take tomorrow.

~Imogen Cunningham

When I first read Cunningham’s quote I realized that it perfectly sums up my passion for photography.  I never know what amazing photographic opportunities lie ahead, and it is that constant sense of adventure that has kept me immersed in this hobby. Every day is a new experience, and every photo a new memory. As far back as I can recall, I have had a camera in my hands as I spent hours exploring the forests around my Washington state home. I quickly learned that sometimes you have to take hundreds of shots before capturing one that is meaningful and special, while other times you simply get lucky.


My focus is on animal and wildlife photography and I love the challenge of photographing animals in their natural habitat. Although some of my most unforgettable experiences have involved travel to distant destinations, I never tire of exploring southern Colorado. Whether I’m reveling in dramatic grand scale vistas or kneeling to admire the intricate scale patterns on a small lizard, the natural beauty in this area is unsurpassed and I feel very fortunate to live here. I am a wildlife biologist, raise alpacas and in my spare time I love horseback riding, jogging with my dogs and hiking….all with a camera at my side.


~Michelle Robinson Blake~

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