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The quest for the Golden Fleece...
In order to claim his rightful place as a king,  the hero Jason, and his Argonauts embarked on an epic quest to aquire the  precious magical  fleece of the gold-hair winged ram. Along the way they overcame many challenges before finally securing the fleece.

Golden Fleece Alpacas
is also engaged in a similar quest...through the careful selection and breeding of high quality produce luxuriosly soft golden fleeces of legendary quailty.


Golden Fleece Alpacas is a small  ranch in sunny southern Colorado. We breed show quality Huacaya alpacas with a strong emphasis on correct conformation and high quality fiber. We  also sell a variety of alpaca apparel, yarn and fiber.


The first time people meet an alpaca they are often captivated by their gentle demeanor, curious nature, pleasant humming, warm dark eyes and the touch of their silky soft fleece. Yet beyond their charming nature and ability to evoke a smile from anyone, alpacas offer a chance at a unique, rewarding and successful lifestyle.

last updated 1/29/2020

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